About Hands of Hope Mental Health Care

At Hands of Hope Mental Health Care, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges. We are passionate about collaborating with patients, families, and interdisciplinary teams to deliver compassionate, evidence-based care that empowers individuals to achieve optimal mental wellness. We look forward to the opportunity to support and guide them as they journey toward mental well-being.

therapist comforting her woman patient

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and families through accessible and compassionate mental healthcare: We strive to break down barriers to access and deliver comprehensive, patient-centered mental health services. With a focus on fostering resilience, promoting wellness, and leveraging technology, our aim is to provide convenient, high-quality care that empowers individuals to thrive in their journey toward mental well-being.

female therapist a notebook

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading provider of mental health services in New York. Having this reputation will enable us to reach people needing support in retaining a healthy balance in their lives and maintaining good relationships with themselves and their loved ones. We want to be the bridge that connects the gap between our patients' challenges and the path toward a better life.